About Us...

Merredith Page – Executive Chef
James Page – Head Chef/Pit Master

Merredith was born and raised in a small rural area in Nelson County. Her culinary skills started long before her established places of business. It was in her mother’s kitchen where her appetite and desire was fostered into the passionate restaurateur many have come to love and support.

It was there by her mother’s side Rebecca Ann Morse, that she learned those home-style recipes for golden fried chicken, collard greens, slow cooked roast beef and so much more. While Merredith was honing her skills, enhancing her mother’s ingredients and perfecting her techniques she was also receiving calls from friends and family to “cook up a little of this and a lot of that” for family get togethers, weddings and church functions. 

Merredith continued to dream as she worked at hotel restaurants and food establishments. She had a vision of one day having her own place. A vision she never lost sight of… 

With her dreams on paper, her passion still driving her commitment to serve people, after eighteen years those dreams became a reality. With the help of her life partner Mr. Barry Banks, her son James Page and other family members they put their heads, their hearts, talents and business savvy together and in 2001 she opened her own place, Merredith’s Fine Dining & Catering, in Lynchburg VA. Here you could sit at a hand-set table with fresh linen table cloths and napkins while you dined on some of the most sumptuous comfort food in town while listening to live jazz. 

In 2009 Merredith’s moved to a new location with a new name Merredith’s Restaurant & Catering located at 1558 Dixie Airport Road, Madison Hts., VA. Here along with her son James as the head chef and pit master she offers the same fine dining menu availability as well as her classic comfort foods. 

The restaurant’s clientele has become more diversified and catering opportunities have also expanded. Some of the regular catering events include: Weekly Lunch Catering to local businesses, Wedding Receptions, Upscale Local Venue Receptions, Estate Events, Pig Roasts, Family/School Reunions, Church Events, Rehearsal Dinners, and an Annual Gumbo Fest. Sundays at Merredith’s Restaurant continue to be a family and church favorite for many gathering over a meal. 

No event that includes food has escaped her bookings. Merredith’s Restaurant & Catering continues to serve home cooked fresh meals and homemade desserts. Our commitment to excellent service, exceptional quality and tasty food options is what continues to make people’s bellies full and their soul’s happy.




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